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A Very Simple Prescription Parts Labeling Exercise


Now that you have had a basic pharmacology review and have learned about prescriptions and parts of a prescription you should now be able to label numbers 1 through 5 below. Careful, some of them are main parts of a prescription, some are just general other important information that must be on a prescription to be valid. 

prescription pad1. _______________________________


2. _______________________________


3. _______________________________


4. _______________________________


5. _______________________________



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1. Name of the prescriber (doctor or pharmacy)

2. Name of the patient (or patient information)

3. Inscription, the body of the prescription, consisting of one or more of the following subdivisions:

  • the basis, or chief ingredient
  • the adjuvant, to assist the action of the basis
  • the corrective, to correct some injurious quality of the other ingredients
  • and the Vehicle or excipient, to give it a suitable form

Also in the inscription you find the dose and dosage form, such as tablet, suspension, capsule, syrup.

4. Signatura (sig)

5. DEA number of the prescribing physician


After this quick review of parts of a prescription test yourself further by answering some basic questions on medications in this simple pharmacology test. Take the Medications Quiz now!

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